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Infants and Colds

For congestion, nasal saline is effective at opening up blocked noses - use the saline by squirting in each nostril at least four times a day, before feedings. Using a cool mist humidifier at night may keep the mucus looser and easier to clear.

AyrŪ Baby Saline Nose Spray/Drops for Infants and Children


For Infants:

Put child on his/her back. Gently remove excess mucus with warm, moist cloth or cotton swab. With one hand, hold the baby's hands. With your other hand, put 2 to 6 drops in each nostril, taking care not to touch the dropper tip to hands, nose or nasal secretions.

Have child remain on back for about 1 minute. Gently wipe the nose with a tissue or use a nasal aspirator or bulb syringe. The Ayr dropper tip should be rinsed with hot water and wiped with a clean towel. Do not use the same bottle for other children.

Sleeping upright in a car seat may ease the congestion.

Infants and young children often cough to clear their upper airway.

Vomiting may occur when too much mucus accumulates; this may help clear some of the mucus from the upper airway.

Call our office


  • Breathing becomes difficult
  • Your child develops retractions (tugging in) between the ribs.
  • Your child is breathing fast consistently
  • Your child cannot breastfeed or drink from a bottle
  • Your child starts acting very sick or is lethargic

During regular office hours if:

  • A fever lasts more than 4 days
  • You have other concerns or questions.

This content is reviewed periodically and is subject to change as new health information becomes available. The information is intended to inform and educate and is not a replacement for medical evaluation, advice, diagnosis or treatment by a healthcare professional.

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